Decades of management experience in various industrial sectors

The management of GB & Partners boasts a wide range of leadership experience in the fields of private equity and venture capital investments and divestments, as well as  of the structuring and closing of M&A transactions and of IPOs alongside the business development, the administration, controlling and monitoring of complex investment portfolios in manifold industrial sectors.

Final investment and divestment decisions are made jointly by the members of the board of directors.

Dézsi Péter
Dézsi PéterDirector, Asset Management
Peter joined the investment team of GB & Partners in mid-2019. Currently he is responsible for smart city, IT and fintech hubs with his asset management team as a director. He holds some 10 years of strategic adviser/business development experience gained in multinational environments. Prior to joining GB & Partners he was responsible for the expansion, both organic and via acquisitions, of E.ON Hungary Power Generation portfolio. Managed Europe’s largest roof solar panel project (a joint project with AUDI) and also the development of the complete local renewable energy portfolio of E.ON. He gained his consulting experience in the energy teams of KPMG and IFUA, managing numerous corporate valuation, strategic and due diligence projects. He is an expert in energy and renewable environment related issues.