GB & Partners Investment Management is championing national PEs once again as the largest Hungarian PE in Europe

GB & Partners Investment Management is championing national PEs once again as the largest Hungarian PE in Europe and the most active Hungarian PE in the region.


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How to keep a fashion brand thriving in this climate

It’s a challenging time to be an independent fashion brand: several have folded their businesses in recent weeks amid “upheaval” in the wholesale market. Against this backdrop, Vanguards Group — owner of Nanushka, Sunnei and Aeron — has entered a strategic partnership to outsource the global wholesale distribution of Nanushka to brand development platform Tomorrow Ltd. Nanushka is also planning to return to the fashion calendar with a show in September.


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Stay Fashion Conscience With Aeron’s Spring / Summer 2024 Collection

AERON does it again with a collection that is impossible to ignore. Designed for the Spring/Summer ‘24 season, this release follows the pattern that we’ve come to expect of AERON. The pieces are the perfect blend of modern design with classic details, giving us an aesthetic that feels incredibly chic and clearly designed with the most fashion-conscious ladies in mind. Plus, don’t forget about all of those little luxury details that are so key to an AERON collection.


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RotaChrom's Laboratory-Scale Chromatographic Method Development Platform

RotaChrom Technologies PLC proudly announces the launch of the CPC Modeler, a desktop-sized centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC) method-development platform. Known for its industrial-scale devices, RotaChrom has now expanded its portfolio to include a lab-scale device, designed specifically for researchers and laboratories. The CPC Modeler empowers researchers and laboratories to predict, test, and validate the most effective purification methods for a wide range of compounds of interest (CoI), including pharmaceutical APIs and natural extracts.


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Reshaping parking compliance through technology

In parking compliance management, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Enter ARC, the innovative solution powered by Asura Technologies’ AI-powered object detection and smart video analytics, coupled with over two decades of hands-on experience in parking enforcement and payment recovery from Parking Revenue Recovery Services (PRRS).


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SUNNEI FW24 models tell us how they really feel

Every season, Milan Fashion Week show-goers eagerly anticipate SUNNEI‘s show concepts. From models sprinting down the city streets, to crowdsurfing, to being judged by the audience, the brand uses the runway medium not only to showcase its collection but to offer social commentary on the state of the industry. For Fall/Winter 2024, SUNNEI chose to let the models speak for themselves, literally. As each model entered the runway, recordings of the inner dialogue blasted through the speakers.



AERON AW24 Runway | Copenhagen Fashion Week

Aeron's autumn/winter '24 collection, in collaboration with artist Sári Ember, is a masterclass in sleek minimalism. Hungarian AERON is marking its third runway show in the Danish capital. The collection is presented at the historical area of Frederiksgade 1, next door to the world-renowned Marble Church, in a gallery setting with ceramic and textile artworks, while ethereal sounds wind through the space, echoing serenity and sophistication.


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Meet The Designer: Nanushka's Sandra Sandor

In recent years, Budapest-based brand Nanushka has made its mark on the fashion world. Not only have its sustainable designs been a hit with customers, they’ve also redefined the concept of what modern luxury looks like. Here, we sat down with founder and creative director Sandra Sandor to find out more about her pioneering approach.



SUNNEI SS24 lets you be the judge

Our rating? 10/10 While Milan Fashion Week can be unpredictable, there are a few universal truths: it will be nearly impossible to get a taxi, you will be trampled by K-pop fans waiting eagerly outside shows and you can be certain that SUNNEI will present the most spell binding runway of the season. From a sprinting catwalk at FW22 to crowdsurfing at FW23, guest participation is always prevalent at SUNNEI and Spring/Summer 2024 was no different.



Nexo Rolls out Dual Mode Capability on its Signature Crypto Mastercard

Nexo, the leading institution for digital assets, is redefining daily crypto transactions by unveiling the world’s first Dual Mode capability featuring both debit and credit. This strategic enhancement will further enrich the capabilities and user experience of the pioneering Nexo Card, released in 2022 in partnership with Mastercard and DiPocket.



Nanushka raises €10 million in capital to fund expansion

On May 4 2023, Nanushka signed a financing agreement with SIG-i Capital AG, via the SIG-i EURO MEZZ fund. The transaction includes funding worth €10 million in the form of mezzanine financing, and implies an intrinsic valuation of more than €100 million for Nanushka. The funds will be used to refinance existing debt and provide additional liquidity to accelerate the company's next growth phase, including expansion in Asia and the United States, among others.


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SUNNEI FW 2023 at Milan Fashion Week

One has to expect the unexpected and then some when heading to a Sunnei show. Staging a crazy crowdsurfing fashion show at the Palazzina Sunnei was the last frontier of Sunnei-ism, a status on par with Gucci-fication, or Prada-ness, terms that ratify a sort of uniqueness. Because yes, the Sunneis are a unique, peculiar entity—provocateurs with a tech conscience, sharp-minded and mathematical. Poetically algorithmic. Cautiously successful. With a fierce sense of community. In a word, brilliant.



AERON FW23 Opened Copenhagen Fashion Week

Kicking proceedings off at Copenhagen Fashion Week with aplomb, Budapest-based brand AERON opened the week with their autumn/winter 2023 collection – just one year on from their inaugural fashion show. Showing at Fabrikken for Kunst & Design studio, back-lit by the luminous, futuristic works of Danish artist Marie Nørgaard Nielsen, Aeron’s evident focus for this collection was functional tailoring and self-expressive workwear, with oversized suits and boxy shirting taking the circular centre stage.


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Why Sunnei Is Tweaking Its Business Model

Founders Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo are testing a new approach with a “master collection,” and Vanguards Group’s CEO Peter Baldaszti sees international potential. “The year of balance” is what Simone Rizzo expects in 2023 for Sunnei, the hip Italian brand he launched with Loris Messina almost a decade ago. Since Vanguards Group took a majority stake in the company in September 2020, the duo has been gradually scaling up the business.



Shaping Budapest’s Fashion Future – A New Pivot To Luxury Knitwear For Hungarian Womenswear Brand Aeron

In 2019, the Hungarian company Vanguard stepped in and offered to partner with Eszter Áron. Founded in 2008 by Peter Baldaszti, the co-founder of Hungarian label Nanushka, Vanguard are responsible for transforming Nanushka into an international lifestyle brand, and their aim is the same with Aeron. With this new partnership has come a pivot into knitwear to cater to a growing post-pandemic market for lounge and knitwear.



AERON is opening its first own store

The Hungarian fashion brand AERON is opening its own store. The brand, known for its clean lines and use of quality materials, is behind the determination of international department store successes and growing domestic demand. Following the pop-up commercial format of previous years that lasted for a few days, the store that opened on November 18 appears as the precursor to the realization of a larger vision.


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Nanushka launches in China

Hungarian womenswear and menswear luxury label Nanushka is targeting Chinese consumers by launching on Alibaba's ecommerce platform Tmall and opening its first Asia store in Shanghai. Nanushka will also open an additional store in Chengdu later this year, as part of plans to operate nine standalone stores in China by 2026, amid growing demand for niche luxury brands.



Nanushka co-founders Sandra Sandor and Peter Baldaszti is part of the Business of Fashion 500

Congratulations to Nanushka co-founders Sandra Sandor and Peter Baldaszti on their inclusion in The Business of Fashion 500, the definitive index of people shaping the global fashion industry. The co-founders of Nanushka and parent company Vanguards are building a portfolio of digitally-savvy contemporary brands.


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Nanushka Launches Conscious Textile Group

Nanushka founder and creative director Sandra Sandor has long been pushing her conscious contemporary label’s sustainable credentials through the use of certified materials. Now the Hungarian fashion designer, who shows the co-ed line in London and Paris, is going a step further and getting involved at the R&D stage through a partnership with Budapest's Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME). Together the new partnership will launch the Conscious Textile Group to research post-production textiles and circularity.



AERON - runway- SS23

For spring / summer 2023, the serotonin-inducing collection from AERON celebrates life’s tiny everyday joys. Against a backdrop of calming neutrals, the Budapest-based brand AERON introduced soothing shades of pink and sage into its collection at its inaugural Copenhagen Fashion Week show, inspired by the question: ‘How do we find serenity in our lives today?’


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Vanguards Rebrands Aeron as Responsible and Transparent Knitwear Specialist

Aeron, the womenswear fashion label from Budapest owned by Vanguards Group, will be repositioned as a responsible and transparent knitwear label. The relaunch will see the introduction of its new seasonless and sustainable core collection called Zero, with sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. The company has also tweaked the price points and created a new, A-shaped logo, brand identity, packaging and signature color: mimosa yellow.



SUNNEI x Bloc Studios Transform Marble Tableware

SUNNEI has teamed up with home decor entity Bloc Studios for a material-driven collaboration. Completly cast in marble, the multicolored tableware set elevates the everyday task of dining. After being in the works for two years, the special series collection features reversible glasses, three different-sized plates, wine coolers, a bowl and a pitcher.



Sunnei Launches First Mentorship Program With NABA School

Sunnei’s founders Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo have launched their first mentorship program in collaboration with the Milan-based fashion, art and design school Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, better known as NABA. The initiative will offer a student a full scholarship for the two-year postgraduate course in fashion design starting in October, as well as the designer’s mentorship throughout the course.



For Vanguards and Nanushka, it’s a family affair

How Vanguards – the family business behind sustainable luxury standard-bearers Nanushka, Sunnei and Aeron – built a radical new breed of fashion conglomerate. “From an investment point of view, fashion is not a normal business,” says Peter Baldaszti, the co-founder and CEO of Budapest-born luxury fashion brand Nanushka – and he should know. It’s not an overstatement to say that there has never been a fashion story quite like Nanushka.



Nexo Launches First Card Backed by a Crypto Credit Line With Mastercard and DiPocket

Nexo, the leading regulated institution for digital assets, officially launched the Nexo Card, a first-of-its-kind crypto-backed Mastercard card, in select European markets. For the launch, Nexo is partnering with Mastercard and DiPocket, giving its users access to cryptocurrency-powered liquidity across 92M+ merchant sites worldwide. The Nexo Card is the first card in the world that allows users to spend without having to sell their digital assets



GB & Partners Investment Management is Acquiring a Majority Share in Parking Revenue Recovery Services, Inc. Through its Portfolio Company, Asura Technologies

GB & Partners Investment Management and its portfolio company, Asura Technologies, will own the majority share in PRRS. Today announced the sale of the company’s majority stock to GB & Partners Investment Management. Parking Revenue Recovery Services, Inc., a leader in parking enforcement and revenue collections services in the US. With this injection of new capital, PRRS is set to accelerate momentum under the new ownership and further advance its mission within the parking industry.


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East European designers sashay onto the catwalks of high fashion

With celebrities such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish wearing its designs, Hungarian fashion house Nanushka has stardust many designers can only dream of. Yet the company is just one of a number of upstart designers from central Europe elbowing their way to the top of global fashion, showcasing their collections on the catwalks of London, Paris and New York as they target lucrative markets such as China and the United States. Once a struggling local brand, Budapest-based Nanushka has seen annual revenue grow 33-fold to 33 million euros ($38.32 million) since a private equity firm came aboard in 2016.



Meet the Budapest brand AERON interweaving Hungarian heritage and Indian art

Each season, Eszter Áron, founder of Budapest-based womenswear label AERON, looks to a female artist that has inspired her. For Pre-Fall 2021, the designer was fascinated by the work of Hungarian-Indian artist Amrita Sher-Gil, a pioneer in modern Indian art, who candidly captured life in the southern region of her ancestral home country, and died in Lahore, where she moved to in 1941, at the age of 28.



EXIM Cross-border Fund sells its stake in TrezEx Hungária Zrt.

Nearly four years after the acquisition of its majority stake by EXIM Cross-border Fund managed by GB & Partners Investment Management TrezEx Hungária Zrt. changed its ownership. TrezEx will continue to serve its clientele at the highest standard which combined with its international industry experience will greatly expand the professional portfolio of its new majority owner, Criterion Group. Since 2017, GB & Partners, the Fund Manager provided financing and professional support to the company engaged in cash logistics and value delivery, which increased the quality of its services from year to year leveraged through to the close and consistent cooperation with the management team. Having stood its ground during significant industry challenges of recent years, TrezEx proved to be a crisis-resistant market player by continuing to grow its business value, which the Fund has now realized.


Hungarian fashion label Nanushka opened store in London

The Hungarian fashion label Nanushka opened a store in London on Friday. Speaking at the opening, Péter Szijjártó, the minister of foreign affairs and trade, said it was crucial for Hungary to have businesses that can succeed internationally. Building global brands, he said, was one of the pillars of Hungary’s economic policy.


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