Hungarian fashion label Nanushka opened store in London

The Hungarian fashion label Nanushka opened a store in London on Friday. Speaking at the opening, Péter Szijjártó, the minister of foreign affairs and trade, said it was crucial for Hungary to have businesses that can succeed internationally. Building global brands, he said, was one of the pillars of Hungary’s economic policy.


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Meet the Budapest brand AERON interweaving Hungarian heritage and Indian art

Each season, Eszter Áron, founder of Budapest-based womenswear label AERON, looks to a female artist that has inspired her. For Pre-Fall 2021, the designer was fascinated by the work of Hungarian-Indian artist Amrita Sher-Gil, a pioneer in modern Indian art, who candidly captured life in the southern region of her ancestral home country, and died in Lahore, where she moved to in 1941, at the age of 28.



EXIM Cross-border Fund sells its stake in TrezEx Hungária Zrt.

Nearly four years after the acquisition of its majority stake by EXIM Cross-border Fund managed by GB & Partners Investment Management TrezEx Hungária Zrt. changed its ownership. TrezEx will continue to serve its clientele at the highest standard which combined with its international industry experience will greatly expand the professional portfolio of its new majority owner, Criterion Group. Since 2017, GB & Partners, the Fund Manager provided financing and professional support to the company engaged in cash logistics and value delivery, which increased the quality of its services from year to year leveraged through to the close and consistent cooperation with the management team. Having stood its ground during significant industry challenges of recent years, TrezEx proved to be a crisis-resistant market player by continuing to grow its business value, which the Fund has now realized.


Hungarian Nanushka is Europe’s fastest growing fashion company, according to Financial Times

The Financial Times has published its fifth annual list of Europe’s 1000 fastest-growing companies, ranking Nanushka high at number 70. With an absolute growth rate of 1601.9%, Nanushka International Zrt. is simultaneously at the forefront of the Central and Eastern European region, and a clear leader in the fashion industry as a whole: only six companies from the region were ranked among the first 100; and out of all fashion companies on the list, Nanushka occupies the highest position.


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The sophisticated and minimal fashion brand that needs to be on your radar

Hungary-based AERON is one to watch. Focusing on sophisticated, minimal yet timeless designs, we discuss with founder Eszter Áron her love for fashion, craftsmanship and what the brand represents.


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Smart parking system developed by Hungarians operates in China

EPS Global Zrt. has completed another successful project. Thanks to them, a smart parking system by Hungarian developers was established in three of China’s cities. Also, the newest city, Zhangjiakou, will be one of the main locations for the 2022 Winter Olympics. In addition to EPS Global’s software system, another investment from the EXIM Exportösztönző Magántőkealap will play an essential role in the project: data on parking space occupancy and other uses will be provided by Asura Technologies Kft’s live camera image processing video analytics solution.


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RotaChrom Technologies Partners With Cyclolab to Increase Production of COVID-19 Treatment

RotaChrom Technologies, the developer of the world's first industrial-scale Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) technology platform, announced today the launch of a collaboration with Cyclolab Cyclodextrin Research and Development Laboratory Ltd. (“Cyclolab''), a cyclodextrin research, development and manufacturing company. This strategic partnership between Cyclolab and RotaChrom aims to develop a more efficient and cost-effective process to purify Remdesivir, which is a widely used treatment option for COVID-19.



Nanushka Releases First Sustainability Report

The Budapest-based fashion brand is committed to cirularity, community and earth. Nanushka has released its first sustainability report in an effort to assure its customers that the issue is still of upmost importance to the company despite a pandemic that has derailed much of the fashion community.



SUNNEI fall 2021 menswear

This season Sunnei designers Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo are expanding the efficiency of the progressive Canvas platform they launched a year ago, right at the beginning of the pandemic. It’s a platform intended to creatively engage the label’s retailers and buyers to create their own Sunnei collections digitally, assembling different outfits, choosing shapes, colors and fabrications as they see fit. After initial skepticism from some fashion industry pundits, the formula has proved extremely successful.



The Hungarian Designer Inspired by a Dancer

Countless brands have emerged from fashion capitals like New York, London, Milan, and Paris. But lately, cool labels have unexpectedly popped up in another place: Budapest. Further putting the city on fashion’s radar with her brand, Aeron, is Hungarian designer Eszter Áron.


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DiPocket secures £5.37 million Series A investment from GB & Partners Investment Management

GB & Partners Investment Management Ltd. marked September with a €6 million investment to further expand its fintech portfolio, advancing EXIM Cross-border Fund to take majority ownership of DiPocket Ltd. The financial service provider’s excellence pinpoints to its custom-made, quick and trustworthy technological operations that are backed by an internationally experienced management. DiPocket is looking forward to utilising the invested capital in developing additional innovative services, in expanding its Central-Eastern European clientele and region specific know-how.

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The Hungarian tech company that solves America’s problem of unpaid parking fees

In a joint development project with the American PRRS, Asura Technologies is launching a parking enforcement automation system to help identify drivers with unpaid parking fees. Asura Technologies is a video analytics company established in 2017 in Budapest that develops AI-based vehicle recognition technology for parking, traffic, and security applications. Currently, the company is working on a joint project with the company PRRS (Parking Revenue Recovery Services) to introduce frictionless parking enforcement automation in the United States where there is a growing demand for such technologies.

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Sunnei si rafforza grazie all'investimento di Vanguards

Nata come etichetta indipendente, Sunnei è pronta a fare un grande passo verso una struttura aziendale rafforzata attraverso un investimento con Vanguards. L'accordo mira a sostenere l'espansione globale di Sunnei, griffe fondata a Milano nel 2014 da Loris Messina e Simone Rizzo. Fin dalla sua nascita, il marchio ha lavorato con l'idea di un'autenticità senza tempo e di una qualità che va oltre le tendenze della moda, che sono diventate la firma della label. Vanguards è stata lanciata come piattaforma di investimento all'inizio del 2020, nata dall'esperienza del ceo Peter Baldaszti in partnership con Agoston Gubicza di GB & partners e l'Exim cross-border fund. Attraverso strategie di business innovative e ambiziose, Vanguards riconosce che la crescita del settore della moda e dello stile di vita dipende da un'attenta sinergia di pratiche commerciali responsabili e ambizioni commerciali.

Nanushka to Manufacture & Distribute Free Reusable Protective Masks

Nanushka has joined the list of brands offering their assistance to combat the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The contemporary fashion house took to Instagram to announce that it will be retooling its atelier to manufacture and distribute reusable protective masks made from the brand’s unused fabric. Around 2,000 masks will be produced each week for the next four weeks, in which the label will be giving out to customers free of charge with online orders. Additionally, Nanushka will be donating the reusable masks to key organizations that help those most in need amid the crisis.



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GB & Partners investimento da 15 mld per le PMI ungheresi

GB & Partners investimento da 15 mld per le PMI ungheresi. GB & Partners Investment Management, società privata di venture capital e private equity ha deciso di investire 15 miliardi di fiorini (oltre 41 mln €) in piccole e medie imprese ungheresi in modo da facilitare la ripresa economica a fronte dell’epidemia di Coronavirus.



FT 1000: the fourth annual list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies

We are proud to announce that our portfolio company, Nanushka, has been included in the latest Financial Times list of the 1000 fastest-growing companies in Europe. This is a huge success not only for the Company and GB & Partners but also for the whole Hungarian fashion industry.


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Chinese city introduces innovative Hungarian smart parking system

Motorists in Yangzhong city are the first in China to benefit from technology which guides drivers to available parking spaces, and lets them pay using a smartphone. Hungarian company EPS Global rolled out its smart parking system in January, but says progress has been halted by the outbreak of coronavirus.



Mastercard, Rakuten Viber Team to bring P2P transfers to Romania

Mastercard has expanded its partnership with Rakuten Viber to bring peer-to-peer (P2P) payments to Romania via Moneytou, which makes transferring money easy, quick and secure, Mastercard announced on 25th of February. Moneytou harnesses the Mastercard Send platform to authorize real-time money transfers to any eligible card. Mastercard Send lets users send and receive money how, where and when it is convenient for them. The solution not only improves users’ payment situations, but is also pivotal in expanding Mastercard’s payment flows, the company said.

Sandra Sandor’s insider’s guide to Budapest

Szandra Sándor, the founder of the world-famous Hungarian fashion brand Nanushka, had recently talked about her favorite places in Budapest during an interview with the Financial Times. The fashion designer said that the capital city of Hungary is giving her a lot of inspiration for her work.


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Hungarian Video Analytics Startup Goes Worldwide

Asura Technologies is a Hungarian startup specializing in video analytics, and has quickly been gaining a foothold on international markets. The Budapest Business Journal talks with CEO Máté Kiss-György about the project.



Fintech World Premiere in Hungary: Rakuten Viber launches instant money transfer service powered by Mastercard

Rakuten Viber users will be able to easily send money to each other using a brand new feature available in the Viber mobile app. The new service, named “Moneytou”, has been developed in Hungary and will initially operate with cards issued in Hungary, but with plans for it to be rolled out in other markets as well as on a global scale. The Exim Crossborder Fund managed by GB & Partners invests in NeoPay thus providing the financial background for the launch of Moneytou first in Hungary and then potentially in neighboring countries.



Fashion firm Nanushka receives HUF 300 mln injection

Hungarian designer fashion brand Nanushka is receiving a HUF 300 million injection in several stages from Exim Növekedési Magántőkealap, a private equity fund managed by Hungarian-owned GB & Partners Venture Capital Fund Management. The capital is planned to be used for raising the company’s online presence as well as boosting online sales.