Allowing the results to speak for themselves

Our goal is to place the funds we manage into investments that will make a return, both from normal operations (dividends) and from the exit in 5-7 years time. Our primary goal is to realise the highest possible profits on the investments for our investors, that is the key factor for us during the selection of potential targets.

All projects have to go through a very thorough and detailed selection process and strong ownership rights are always maintained in every transaction as well as the grounds for continuous and strict monitoring rules are based.

As of today we have made some 55 investments from our funds. Consider a selection of  investments below:

Exclusive Change
Exclusive Change

Industry: currency exchange
Year of investment: 2022

Exclusive Change is a Central-Eastern European currency exchange group with one of the longest track records in the region, providing high-level services through its approximately 300 offices for more than 30 years. As a founding member of the National Association of Hungarian Currency Exchanges (MPOE) the company is following its mission of making currency exchange regulations even more transparent, promoting the development of finance culture as well as expanding the scope of its services in order to guarantee the highest level of service quality.