GB & Partners manages five private equity and venture capital investment funds with an aggregate initial capital of EUR 250 M.

Our two venture capital investment funds had launched under the aegis of the EU’s JEREMIE programme, while our other three private equity investment funds are backed by internationally active institutional and private investors. The investment periods for the two JEREMIE funds were closed in 2016 without any further investments. The key focus is on business development and exits ever since.

Not only our investment philosophy but our funds’ transaction limits and goals too are  adjusted to international trends. The Exim Cross-border PE Fund, the KIM PE Fund and the GBP I PE Fund explicitly target projects with foreign expansion as a primary strategic focus. Exim Fund’s investments are Hungarian companies planning to enter or expand in foreign markets while GBP I Fund’s spectrum of possible investments extend national markets.

JEREMIE Növekedési / JEREMIE Growth VC Fund

Launch year: 2013
Initial capital: 6,4 bn HUF
Investment period closed.

All available funds have been invested into 7 projects. This Fund invested up to 2.5 mn EUR into each SME project under the JEREMIE directives to finance their market entry and growth. The investment period ended on 31 May 2016 and the fund terminates in 2023. Some projects successfully closed stage two investments with third-party investors while some exit transactions have also already taken place.