GB & Partners currently runs four private equity and venture capital investment funds at an aggregate initial capital of some 70 bn HUF (~200 mn EUR).

We have two venture capital investment funds launched under the aegis of EU’s JEREMIE programme, while our other two private equity investment funds are backed by internationally active institutional and private investors. The investment period for the two JEREMIE funds was closed in 2016, no further investments can be made since then, key focus is now on business development and exits.

Not only our investment philosophy but our funds’ transaction limits and goals tend to match international trends. Exim Cross-border PE Fund and GBP I PE Fund explicitly targets projects with foreign expansion as a primary strategic vision. Exim Fund however invests mainly into Hungarian companies wishing to enter or expand in foreign markets, while GBP I Fund may invest practically anywhere in the world.

EXIM Exportösztönző Magántőkealap / EXIM Cross-border PE Fund

Launch year: 2016
Initial capital: 56 bn HUF
Ticket size:
200-8.500 mn HUF

This Fund reached its current status through the merger with EXIM Growth PE Fund in 2019, its investment period ends in 2024 while the Fund expires in 2029. Average targeted ticket size is between 5-10 mn EUR but can be as high some 23.5 mn EUR. The Fund invests primarily into Hungarian projects or already existing ventures that are on the verge of entering foreign markets or wish to expand their presence abroad and are committed to utilising the fresh funds and our operative support to target a soaring international growth. The Fund can close investments with a ticket size previously offered only by foreign investors, which allows its portfolio companies to not only boost their services and products exporting capabilities but also to become foreign investors themselves.