We are providing close operative support to our investments according to international industry standards

We have adopted an operative approach to portfolio companies, in line with international private equity and venture capital fund management trends, i.e. further to the closing of the carefully selected investment transactions and their monitoring afterwards, we are also playing a very active role in creating strategy and in drawing up major decisions. Moreover, we are even ready to provide continuous operative support and/or management resources when needed.

Day-to-day activities are naturally in the hands of the portfolio companies own management, however, when necessary, we may become involved in the daily operations of our investments, or we may even have the whole business model reconstructed by our colleagues or a third-party consultant.

We have a proven track record of developing marketable ideas and products, have the capability of creating sales channels and structures and we are also able to work out successful sales strategies in cooperation with the portfolio company’s management. Strategic visions first take shape as specific figures in the business model and are then transformed into actual financial results by our team members. Our primary focus is on assisting in the international expansion of our investments, i.e. in the enhancement of their export capabilities, in entering new markets and  in setting up joint ventures with foreign partners or in the acquisition or foundation of new subsidiaries abroad.

Further to the strategic support we are also ready to assist in optimising the daily business operations of our investments; by advising on the implementation or the improvement of ERP and controlling systems. Our portfolio companies tend to expand rapidly following the investment, and their management suddenly faces unprecedented organisational and operational challenges. We are able to shorten this transitional period by supporting the implementation of administration and/or corporate management systems and best practices based on general international standards or by simply the provision of our own expertise.

Non-organic growth of our investments is also welcome, we proudly provide either technical or financial support to the acquisition of subsidiaries, clientele or know-how.

GB & Partners has been granted a full membership in Invest Europe based on the endorsement of a US and a French investment management firms, thus becoming the first Hungarian private equity company accepted by the European elite of fund managers.

Based on the experience gained in different industrial sectors in recent years, we are becoming specialised in certain industries, building up groups of portfolio companies (trying to be careful about currently overhyped areas), thus utilising synergies and already accumulated professional experience. These sectors include:

  • Fashion industry and related services
  • Smart City related projects
  • FinTech sector
  • Medical technologies and supporting industries
  • Mechanical Engineering