Allowing the results to speak for themselves

Our goal is to place the funds we manage into investments that will make a return, both from normal operations (dividends) and from the exit in 5-7 years time. Our primary goal is to realise the highest possible profits on the investments for our investors, that is the key factor for us during the selection of potential targets.

All projects have to go through a very thorough and detailed selection process and strong ownership rights are always maintained in every transaction as well as the grounds for continuous and strict monitoring rules are based.

As of today we have made some 55 investments from our funds. Consider a selection of  investments below:


Industry: machinery
Net sales: HUF 627 M (2021)
Year of investment: 2022

Manufacturing of machine parts and industrial machinery since 1992. Located in Ózd, Northern-Hungary, operating on a total shopfloor of 4000 square meters. Main products: electric engine housing, metallurgical equipment, heat exchanger components, pipe fittings for oil industry and other machine parts up to 10 tonnes.